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Supportive Counselling for People Affected by Cancer

and their Partners, Family and Friends

A diagnosis of cancer in yourself or a loved one can send shock waves through even the most stable relationships.


I provide supportive counselling and guidance for you, and your partner, your family members and friends, helping you each to navigate the challenging and, at times, confusing or frightening emotional waters ahead. 

To support meaningful and open communication with loved ones, I offer timely guidance that promotes mutual understanding and well-being. Our sessions provide a calm and safe space to acknowledge and express your changing needs, to explore intimacy and sexual issues, or to consider the quality-of-life dimensions of your treatment and care options.

If needed, I also provide a calm space during times when you may feel frightened or overwhelmed.  And I can help you develop the safe environment needed to talk together with loved ones about "unspeakable" thoughts and worries - yours and theirs.  So you can still feel connected and supported in the most difficult moments.  

Counselling sessions are available for individuals, as well as joint sessions for couples, family members and friends.  And when an office visit is not possible, I can also provide confidential sessions by telephone.




Surviving a life-threatening illness does not always mean "getting back to normal".  Sometimes challenging experiences can change us in unexpected and unpredictable ways. Our priorities may be reordered, our perspective may have shifted, and our hopes and dreams may have undergone a significant revision.  

When the focus shifts from treatment to recovery, and you return to the life you were living before your diagnosis, you may then discover that you have changed in some important ways. Your cancer experiences may have tested the reliability and strength of your relationships and connections. And your changing needs now may challenge the "normal" life others expect you to resume.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about my services, and how I may be helpful to you and your loved ones at this time. 


If you would like additional information, or if you would like to schedule an initial appointment, you are welcome to call my St Kilda office at 03 9041 1456.  You can also use the confidential contact form available on this website to reach me directly now.



Post- Treatment:  When back to normal isn't enough

Melbourne Psychotherapy Services

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03 9041 1456


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