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Effective Couples Counselling :

Learning to take better care of your relationship

There are thorns in even the most beautiful bed of roses. And these thorns serve a valuable purpose. They are protective; they remind us to “take care” as we go.

Our relationships also need us to take care, to stay aware of what we are doing, to attend to what hurts, to recognize what can cause harm. The thorny times in our relationships provide an opportunity to learn what can help support healthy growth, and what can help to heal pain. We needn’t get stuck in the thorns.

I have specialist training as a relationship counsellor and couple therapist, and many years of experience working with couples on a broad range of issues or concerns, including:


  • Improving communication

  • Moving beyond feeling struck, confused or frustrated

  • Healing wounded feelings or loss of trust

  • Restoring shared intimacy and joy together

  • Making sense of repeating patterns

  • Understanding the causes of arguments about family or money

  • Experiencing differing reactions to shared problems

  • Balancing and clarifying priorities

  • Pausing before making the choice to separate

  • Repairing a path to reconciliation.

I also provide supportive counselling to couples experiencing fertility challenges, including riding the IVF roller-coaster.


Extended weekend appointments - Offering the extra time your relationship deserves


In addition to daytime and evening availability, I also offer extended weekend appointments for couples.  These extended sessions give partners the opportunity to offer to each other an unhurried, committed time together to work through a problem or worry with the support and safety of a skilled facilitator. 


Extended sessions offer the needed starting point for safer, less reactive conversations about challenging, vulnerable issues that have felt “too big” to safely contain or address in a briefer session - or on your own.   The spacious time creates an opportunity to experience “surviving” a challenging conversation while remaining present and connected to one’s own, and each other’s, feelings and needs. For some couples, this experience has been transformative.


Better communication and deeper connection with your partner are possible, achievable, and sustainable.   It begins with the intention to take better care of your relationship.


You and your partner are encouraged to contact me with any questions you may have about my relationship counselling practice, or to schedule an initial appointment.  You can use the confidential contact form available on this website to reach me directly now.  You are also welcome to call me at my St Kilda office on 03 9041 1456.



Melbourne Psychotherapy Services

St Kilda  VIC  3182


03 9041 1456


© 2015 Carol-Ann Allen

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