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Transformative Psychotherapy and Counselling for Individuals

Sometimes we choose to change. Sometimes change chooses us. Either way, there are many reasons why people seek professional help. My psychotherapy practice may be very helpful if you are currently experiencing ...   Learn more

Helping Couples Take Care of

Their Relationship

Our relationships need us to take care, to stay aware of our impact, to attend to what hurts, to recognize what can cause harm. I have specialist training as a relationship counsellor, and many years of experience working with couples with a broad range of issues or concerns, including ...   Learn more

Assisting Family Members to Heal Hurts and Repair Connection  

The pain of disconnection or conflict in a family can have wide-ranging impacts on emotional well-being and the capacity to build healthier relationships. I offer counselling support for individuals and family members who wish to heal the pain of conflict or emotional disconnection ...   Learn more

Providing Knowledgeable Support to LGBTQ Individuals, Couples, and Families  

When seeking help from a professional counsellor, their nuanced awareness, knowledge and understanding can make all the difference when differences matters.  I have worked within the widely diverse LGBTQ community for over 25 years ...   Learn more

Insightful Support During Times of Transition

Counselling is not just for the hard times.  Healthy, predictable transitions can still throw us off balance, raising new questions, casting strange light on familiar surroundings, or reawakening older issues we thought were resolved ...   Learn more

Supporting People Affected by Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer in yourself or a loved one can send shock waves through even the most stable relationships.  I provide experienced, knowledgeable, supportive counselling and guidance for you, and your partner, your family members and friends ...   Learn more

If you would like any additional information about my practice, or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation, you are welcome to contact me directly by calling my St Kilda office on 03 9041 1456.  You can also use the confidential contact form to send an email now.




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