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Healing the Legacy of Trauma and Loss

The legacy of traumatic experiences can sometimes undermine your belief in the possibility of restoring trust, safety or happiness.  Yet, with the help of a skilled and experienced therapist, healing is possible.


My psychotherapy practice centers on transforming the painful impacts of loss, disconnection or trauma.  Such painful and frightening experiences might include:


  • a traumatic violation of trust

  • physical, emotional or sexual abuse

  • serious injury or illness in a loved one or oneself

  • frightening or painful medical treatment

  • threats of harm to oneself or a loved one

  • substance abuse or mental illness in a family member

  • chronic family conflict, hostility or violence

  • abandonment or sudden relationship loss

  • the death of a loved one.

The legacy of early trauma can restrict your capacity to develop hope, trust or safety in your current relationships. You may find yourself unable to sustain emotional or sexual intimacy.  You may struggle to believe in the possibility of success with work or personal goals.  You may not feel in control of your decisions or choices.  Painful memories or unexplainable feelings can intrude unexpectedly, causing you to disconnect from others or avoid participation in important activities. 


When this painful experience of disconnection repeats over time, you may begin to translate how you are feeling into self-diminishing beliefs about who you are, what you are worth, or what you can expect from others.  These beliefs are often experienced as punitive self-talk, that intrusive, hostile voice inside dictating what is or is not possible for you. 


But more is possible.  Better is possible.  And safer is possible.

I will work supportively and respectfully with you to create an environment of trust and safety.   Together, we will develop an approach to your healing that works best for you, mobilizing your own unique resources for resilience and transformation.   We will grow your confidence to take charge of your own experience and your capacity to stay present and focused on current and future goals.

Together, we will carefully clear a pathway out of the pain of the past, allowing you to claim the freedom to create and enjoy a life beyond trauma.


If you would like any additional information about my practice, or if you have any questions about how psychotherapy may be helpful for you,  I invite your enquiries.  You can reach me now using the confidential contact form available on this website.  If you would prefer to talk directly with me,  you are most welcome to call me at 03 9041 1456.  You can also send an email at any time to the address below.






Melbourne Psychotherapy Services

St Kilda  VIC  3182


03 9041 1456


© 2015 Carol-Ann Allen

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